Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Should You Buy New or Used Car Spares?

When you need car spares, the price of the new ones can sometimes be more than you hoped to spend. This can lead you to consider purchasing used vehicle spares. Both can work, but you have to be careful at which one you choose in terms of new or used.. Different types of components are more suited to reconditioning than others. Here is a quick guide to help you know when you should buy new parts and when you should consider used spares are a good choice.

New car spares for relays and electronics

Even if you have an older model car you will want to get new car spares for your electrical components. These include all of the relays and regulators that your engine and emissions system may need to run well. If your OEM spares aren't listed on 247Spares, chances are that universal components may fit. After a certain time, car manufacturers stop supporting OEM vehicle spares this is usually after 20 years and it is left to the aftermarket producers to take up the slack. For electrical and circuit components it is prudent to avoid the use of used vehicle spares as such used components have a greater risk of failure.

Reconditioned used car spares for mechanical components

When it comes to mechanical components, you can use either new vehicle spares or used car spares. Reconditioned mechanical components are often just as good as the new ones. For older model cars, that may be the more affordable option as well - especially for classic models. One thing you should consider is that with many of the auto types made after the 90s, it is cheaper to purchase a replacement with a core disposal then it is to purchase a reconditioned used mechanical component. This is due to a "greening" of the auto industry that recognizes that the reconditioning process may cause more pollution then using some of the newer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly manufacturing methods.

What should you keep on hand?

One thing that car owners should do, especially if you are trying to keep your car on the road as long as possible is to have car spares on hand for what is expected to go wrong with your vehicle. This goes beyond the normal box of fuses, relays and washers. You should check the mileage of your vehicle against the service calendar so you can prepare for what is coming. If you know that the water pump should be checked at 60,000km; it makes sense to buy one and have it on hand when you hit 45,000 km. Keep the spares and tools in your boot and you will never be stranded.

Best tip for getting car spares

Whether you are in need of new car spares or are looking for quality reconditioned used spares for a classic or discontinued vehicle, 247Spares has one of the largest databases of car spares in the UK. With their low prices and delivery options, you can be sure to have what you need on hand to keep yourself on the road.

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